Nacimiento de Internet en el Perú : Solicitud Rango de direcciones IP Clase B

From: (Jose Soriano)
CC: (Steve Goldstein–Ph +1-202-357-9717),
uunet!!randy@uunet.UU.NET (Randy
Bush), (Tadao
Takahashi), (Julian Dunayevich), (Coord. RAN/Argentina), (Ida Holz), consejo%rcp@uunet.UU.NET,
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 92 13:04:46 EST
Dear Mr.
Jean Gallager
DDN Network Information Center

We understand your necessity of keeping B classes, for big
networks. As you know, we are beginners in network-construction, but
we would like to state our point of view, and what we think will be
the growth experience of the Peruvian National Network .

As Randy said, we began on Dec. 91, with only 40 uucp nodes, and
about 1-3 users per node, at the present time (24 August 1992), we are 132
active nodes, each one with more than 15 user ( small institutions will
reach 90-100 end users , larger institutions, now having 180-200 end-users
will have (students included) about 7000-10000 end-users) .

The most important is that almost 50% of this nodes after the
aparition of RCP, are committed on an inside-institution development,
working on the connection of their own LAN’s, and studying the possibilities
of connecting different architectures. (Mainframes IBM, VAX, DEC, PC,RS/6000,
SUN). Most of the PC networks in Peru are Novell LANs. Some of them have more
than 60 stations. In some cases organizations (Universidad Ricardo Palma,
ESAN, Universidad del Pacifico, Univ. Catolica), have 4-5 lans, as the above
mentioned, in these cases, the campuses sub-nets, we think we will need
class C.

The situation of RCP is different. As RCP is the national R&E
Network and will manage many sub-nets. We think we could be assigned a
B class.

We can resume our situation as follows :

1. We are working hardly on the design of a national architecture. The
phases of the project are as follow :

. link to NSF – 64 Kbit (between RCP node and Homestead(Panamsat) in Florida.

. stablish links between 10 big national sites (ISDN) and connect them with
RCP (64 kbits).

. These 10 sites, will be prepared to accept links with many other small

. We will stablish links (for 1993) with at least 10 regional sites (Outside
Lima – in provinces). We have already stablished uucp connections with RTC,
and X.25, with cities such as : Arequipa (700 km form Lima), Cuzco(500 km),
Piura (800 Km), Huaraz(300Km), Tumbes(700Km) and others.

. RCP is seeking connection with neighbor countries such as Bolivia,
Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Chile.

As the National Peruvian Network, we are working on setting a
national backbone, and looking forward to stablishing a regional LA&C backbone.

Peru has 52 universities, 1/2 million students, 40000 professors,
about 22000 researchers, we have the larger number of ONG institutions in
Latin America, 900 Reserch Centers, many of them world-known, and all of
them with national and international communications.

In countries as ours, we can’t afford on the development of many different
networks, so from the very beginning RCP, involved all network projects of
the biggest R&E institutions, now we have incorporated many others such as :

– universities (Lima, and outside)
– schools (10 uucp nodes in Lima)
– hospitals and social security (27 uucp nodes – Lima & otside)
– NGOs
– ministery of Education,
– Research Centers ( Government and Private and others)

We are planning to have a large national network, and having the cooperation
of all institutions involved, we will continue growing. We would appreciate
if you can reconsider assigning RCP – which officially represents 132
national research institutions – a B class, so we can be prepared for our
national network growing.

If you need a detailed description on RCP, please let us know, we can send all
the information you need, so we can further insist on a B class.

Jose Soriano
RCP- Administrator

PS. Please forgive our Spanglish !



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