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7,716 users in 400 institutions are the result of three years of work done by RCP, a communication net via computers that makes it easy for institutions to search for information through electronic mail or international data bases. “This anniversary is particularly special since, according to the last report of the Internet Society, RCP is ranked third in world-wide net growth”, said officials of the institution.   It has a total of 4,377 members.
The net has 59 lists of interest with 4,377 institutions, 14 gophers and 10 World Wide Web home pages. 816 local and international computers are connected daily. Besides, 1,316 users access gophers at an average of 9,527 access/week. 13,238 users access the WWW, out of which 2,596 are commercial.

Source: “El Comercio” 12/26/94



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