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Spanish-language news and info sour (1995)

images2miniatura.jpg Por Bruce Girard

/* Written 11:37 AM Feb 10, 1995 by resystom@web.UUCP in igc:media.issues */
/* ———- “Spanish-language news and info sour” ———- */
As part of a project to establish an alternative news and information service for Latin American radio stations I am currently putting together an inventory of useful Spanish-language sources available on the Internet.

Among the types of sources I am looking for are:
Inter Press Service: IPS is an international news agency with
an alternative perspective. Its daily service places emphasis
on the Third World and on issues related to the environment,
women, development, etc.
El Diario de Hoy: El Diario is an Ecuadorean newspaper which
daily posts its major news stories on the Internet.
CERIGUA: CERIGUA is a Guatemalan news service that reports on
events in the country from a progressive perspective. As a
result of the repression in Guatemala CERIGUA has been forced
to operate from a base in Mexico.
Other services that I am looking for include daily or weekly
summaries of the Latin American press (I have seen some
produced in Brazil and Venezuela but I don’t know how to get
them on a regular basis) and specialised news and/or feature
If you have any such sources or if you can point me to a list
of them, please let me know. I will make the results known to
anyone who requests them.
Bruce Girard

School of Communication Email: bruceg@sfu.ca
Simon Fraser University resystom@web.apc.org
Burnaby, British Columbia Fax: (1-604) 291-4024
Canada V5A 1S6



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