Foro Permanente de Redes de América Latina y el Caribe (1991-1998)

molloyminiatura.jpg By Molly Molloy

An important regional meeting took place in Lima, Peru in April 1996 to discuss recent developments and establish a strategic plan for the continuing evolution of internetworking in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The V Foro Permanente de Redes de América Latina y el Caribe was a continuation and expansion of the cooperative efforts of regional non-profit, national and academic networks that began with the I Foro which met in Rio de Janiero in October 1991. Since then, meetings have been held in Guadalajara (December 1992), Caracas (October 1993), and Buenos Aires (November 1994). The V Foro focused on organizational issues that can foster a united Latin American and Caribbean presence in global internetworking activities and also examine ways that networks can foster positive social, cultural and economic changes in the region. A strategic planning workshop addressed such topics as: participation in the Internet Society, the role of national networks, strengthening the ties between national telecommunications providers and networks, the role of governments, the commercialization of the internet, information content on the internet, the development of a regional backbone and issues of financial sustainability. [For information on the V FORO and previous regional meetings see ] . A VI Foro, held in Santiago in November 1996 led to the formation of the Asociacion Foro de Redes de America Latina y el Caribe: ENRED. The VII Foro, was held in Havana, Cuba in October 1997. Panama hosted the VIII Foro, in November 1998.



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