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Developing Countries Networking Symposium

Developing Countries Networking Symposium

20 – 21 July 1998
Palexpo Conference Center
Geneva, Switzerland

Additional Fee Required (Workshop includes program, lunch and materials)

Monday, July 20
14:00-16:00 Opening Ceremony Keynote Speakers:

Bruno Lanvin, UNCTAD, France
Hisham El Sherif, Internet Society of Egypt, Egypt
George Sadowsky, Internet Society, United States


Laina Raveendran Greene, GetIT Pte Ltd., Singapore

15:30-16:00 Break
16:00-18:00 Panel:

“Internet Infrastructure and Expertise at the National/Regional Level in Developing and Emerging Nations”

Chair : Jose Soriano, Red Cientifica Peruana, Peru

Participants :

Laurent Delifer, Newbridge, Switzerland
Jean Marchal, Global Star-Iridium, France
Tarek Kamel, Department of IDSC/RITSEC, Egypt
Jose Soriano, Red Cientifica Peruana, Peru
Andy Sundberg, Consultex, Switzerland

18:00-19:30 Cocktail Reception :

Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, Le Molan Room

Vinton Cerf, MCI International, United States

Tuesday, 21 July
08:30-10:30 Panel:

“Role of the International Organizations in Promoting Internet Connectivity in Developing and Emerging Nations”

Chair: Rosa Delgado, SITA EQUANT, Peru


Line Cormier, Ecole Internationale de la Francophonie/DDTI, Canada
Lucio Goelzer, ITU, Brazil
Ben Petrazzini, ITU, Argentina
Pascal Renaud, UNITAR, France
John Rose, UNESCO, United States
Johan Ernberg, ITU, Sueden

10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-12:30 Panel

“International Organizations and Global Information Society Issues”

Chair : Pascal Renaud, UNITAR, France


Elaine Carlson, World YWCA, United States
Gideon Hayford Chonia, University of Zurich, Ghana
Daniel Erasmus, Africa Initiative, South Africa
Makane Faye, UNECA Ethiopia, Ethiopia
Chitra Radhakishun, UNCTAD, Suriname
Daniel Stern, Uganda Connect, United States

12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-16:00 Panel

“Internet Technical Issues”

Panel Chair: Kilnam Chon, KAIST, Republic of Korea

Panel Participants:

David Conrad, APNIC, Africa
Michael Groenewald, GIIC Africa, South Africa
Julian Dunayevich, NIC Latinoamericano, Argentina
Erik Holst-Roness, Consultant, Sierra Leone
Semou Diouf, SITA African Region, Senegal

16:00-16:30 Break
16:30-17:00 Symposium Resumes:

Chair: Nii Quaynor, Network Computer Systems, Ghana

Which new technologies are relevant to these countries ?

What contributions can Internet make in improving the specific quality of conditions of life and how ? What are the main barriers to rapid development of Internet connectivity in emerging nations ?

18:30 End session

Developing Countries Networking Symposium

Nii Quaynor, quaynor@ncs.com.gh, Network Computer Systems, Ghana
Rosa Delgado, rosa.delgado@gva.sita.int, SITA EQUANT

Organizing Committee

Tarek Kamel, tkamel@idsc.gov.eg , Department of IDSC/RITSEC, Egypt
Pascal Renaud, pascal.renaud@unitar.org, UNITAR
George Sadowsky, george.sadowsky@nyu.edu, ISOC
Francois Fluckiger, francois.fluckiger@cern.ch, CERN
J. Rose, jrose@unesco.org, UNESCO
Gideon Hayford Chonia, k042240@rzu.unizh.ch , University of Zurich, Ghana
Carole Pina, carole.pina@span.ch



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