Ian Peter’s weblog » Internet history

Ian Peter’s weblog » Internet history

  • Mobile growth outpaces Internet

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/ 2008/02/22/AR2008022202283.html From essentially zero, we’ve passed a watershed of more than 3.3 billion active cellphones on a planet of some 6.6 billion humans in about 26 years. This is the fastest global diffusion of any technology in human history — faster even than the polio vaccine. “We knew this was going to happen a few years ago. And […]

  • APC revisited

    While in Rio for the Internet Governance Forum I had the opportunity to attend a couple of pre-conference events of the Association for Progressive Communications (www.apc.org)  I’d had very little to do with APC for a long time – but back in 1989 I attended a preliminary meeting in Epe Holland to establish the organisation, and […]

  • History of Internationalised Domain Names

    Thanks to Prof. S. Subbiah from Singapore for this excellent short history of the attempts to internationalise domain names. There is much still to be done! History of IDN * 12/96: Martin Duerst’s original Internet Draft proposing UTF5 (the first incarnation of what is known today as ACE)- UTF-5 was first defined by Martin Duerst at the University […]

  • Latin American Internet History

    A new blog by Jose Soriano: “la historia de Internet en ALC por sus protagonistas” https://interred.wordpress.com/

  • Would the web have survived without advertising?

    Thanks to Barry Chapman for this interesting piece of history.  My personal opinion is the web would have survived without advertising – uneconomic models have been frequent in Internet history and haven’t stopped growth. However, they sure helped growth and are a major part of what we are now experiencing. I recently discovered your pages on […]

  • You and me – Time’s Person of the Year 2006

    Time Magazine has named ‘the ordinary Internet user’ as Person of the Year 2006. http://www.time.com/time/personoftheyear/2006/ Well worth a read, but please consider……. If there is an average Internet user among the billion people on line, it is probably a 20 year old Chinese women who doesn’t read English and has never heard of Time Magazine. […]

  • 2006 – Internet causes change in government

    I remember an article from circa 1994 quoting me, in terms of social impact of the then emerging world wide web as saying (quote) If the Internet has not brought down a government anywhere yet, it soon will (end quote) Others may be able to point to an earlier example, but I think we can now […]

  • 100 million websites – but Tim is not happy

    Carried widely in the media today – this paste from SMH The British scientist who developed the World Wide Web warns that if left to develop unchecked, the internet could be consumed by “misinformation and undemocratic forces”. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist who is credited with creating the internet, said in […]

  • Bulletin Board Systems, anyone?

    I had an interesting email exchange with Craig Hollenbeck, who correctly points out the history of bulletin boards and their importance as predecessors to the Internet. Although I write about the subject briefly here , Craig rightly points out a richer history. Here’s his input and a few relevant links if you want to explore this […]

  • IBM PC turns 25 – but dont let them tell you it was the first PC!

    Computer firm IBM entered the PC age on 12 August 1981 with the announcement of a personal computer – the IBM 5150. Not long before that, executives of this mainframe computer company had hypothesised that 13 computers would be enough to serve the whole world! Costing $1,565, the 5150 had just 16K of memory – […]



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